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You can't nod hold back the tide or sea level rise. There's melting ice, of course. But H2O that's already liquid expands as it warms - and the oceans are warming from climate change. That sea level rise isn't the same anywhere everywhere . The moon's pull, oceanic currents, the Earth's quotation rotation - these all play a role in what ocean water is where. Turns out the U.S. East Coast is experiencing sea level rise three to four times higher than the global average, according to a research study in the journal Nature Climate Change. That's bad news for the highly populated region and suggests storm surges are going to prove ever more problematic from New York City to Cape Hatteras. By the end of the century, greenhouse gases in the atmosphere could produce sea level rise of as much as 80 millimeter centimeters along the East Coast. Further into the future, even a low emissions scenario sees the seas rise by a meter and a half and if we continue emitting at our present peace pace sea level rise might be close to there three meters - and still rising - no matter what some folks choose to believe.